Los Angeles Metallic Epoxy Floors – The Benefits

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Are you looking to install new flooring in your commercial, industrial or residential property? Well, you can’t go wrong with Los Angeles metallic epoxy floors. Here are some of the top benefits to help you choose Los Angeles metallic epoxy floors today.

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1. Highly Resistant

Los Angeles metallic epoxy floors are popular in different types of commercial properties. That’s because they are highly resistant to different types of spills such as gasoline, oil, bleach, transmission fluid and many more. Also, these floors are highly resistant to water and heat.

It’s the best flooring option for places with a high risk of fire because they offer excellent fire protection. That’s because some of the pigments used in the coating expand when in contact with heat creating a protective barrier which lasts until the fire is completely out. 

2. Protective

Without metallic epoxy coating, your concrete floor would be very porous. Therefore, any liquids spilled on your bare concrete floor would be absorbed immediately thus messing up with the overall structural integrity. The metallic epoxy coating creates a protective barrier against grease, moisture, stains and cracks. Note that, it’s beneficial compared to any other flooring options such as tile and carpet as well as grout because these flooring options are vulnerable to all types of spills.

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3. Durability

In any commercial, residential or industrial setting, installation of flooring can be quite expensive. Well, that’s why there is a need to come up with the most durable flooring options. With comparison to all the other flooring options out there, metallic epoxy flooring wins the race.

Actually, it’s the most preferable flooring option for factories and buildings because it can withstand the wear and tear of using heavy machinery. On the other hand, if it is properly installed, it can last for many decades without cracking and peeling. 

4. Variety

If you are looking for a versatile flooring option, you can’t go wrong with metallic epoxy floors. You can choose different colors, designs and patterns according to your preferences and create the most aesthetic flooring options. It’s a great way to improve the look of your regular concrete and create a nice ambiance to your home or commercial property.

5. Safety

Metallic epoxy flooring is completely safe. That’s because it is durable and highly resistant to spillage. Also, when installed in a commercial or industrial setting, the floors reflect light allowing better visibility effortlessly. 

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What You Need To Know About Metallic Epoxy Floors

If you are looking for a great way to spruce up your industrial, commercial or residential floors, metallic epoxy floors are the best choice. It’s a great way to breathe life into any concrete floors. Here are a few more things you need to know about these floors. 

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1. Where To Use Them

Yes, you can use metallic epoxy coatings in both residential and commercial floors. For the commercial floors, they can be added to any type of business, whether industrial or customer service business. For the residential setting, you can add them in the basement, kitchen or living room.

2. Can You Use Metallic Epoxy Coating On Outdoor Concrete?

No. It’s not a good idea to use metallic epoxy floors on outdoor concrete. That’s because it’s likely to become discolored after constant exposure from UV rays from the sun. 

Of course, you can always install epoxy floors on your concrete as a DIY project. However, if you don’t have any idea about how to do it properly, it’s the best idea to look for professional flooring installers. Therefore, do your research and find the best professionals for the installation process near you and enjoy the benefits outlined above and many more.

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