Luxury Apartment by SL Project in Moscow, Russia

Luxury Apartment By Sl Project In Moscow, Russia

This gorgeous dwelling in Moscow, Russia was designed by the award-winning architect Alexey Nikolashin, who founded the SL Project architectural bureau in 2004. The studio has an impressive list of completed projects – residential and public – including numerous luxury villas by the sea.

This particular apartment is dominated by clean lines, minimalist decors and bright, spacious rooms. It is a perfect home for luxury lovers who also appreciate contemporary designs. State-of-the-art appliances (including a lovely fireplace), sleek finishes, expensive furnishings, everything in this home spells luxury, sophistication and style.

Our favorite feature of the apartment is the quite unexpected nature-inspired corner in the bedroom, which interrupts the continuity of the wooden floor as a patch of natural stones holding two large apartment plants. Another similar insertion of stones can be found in the living area, beneath the flat-screen TV and the modern fireplace. Have a look at the inspiring photos below.

Luxury Apartment by SL Project in Moscow, Russia

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