M68 Residential Project In Sosnowiec, Poland

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Minimalistic, elegant and luxurious, M68 is a residential project that was designed by Widawscy Studio Architektury. It can be found in Sosnowiec, Poland, and it provides irreproachable living conditions to its owner and his or her guests. The design includes a combination of black and white elements complemented by warmer tones of brown and beige for contrast. The furnishings are of the highest quality, whether we’re talking about the sofas, chairs or tables.

The different levels of the apartment are accessible via a regular and a spiral staircase. Apart from boasting grayscale paintings as decorations, the walls also feature brickwork and geometric finishes. The relatively small kitchen comes with modern appliances and with a white countertop. The dining area is found just a few steps away, and it includes a black wooden table for eight as well as modern hanging lighting arrangements.

From the architect:

Residents of the apartment are people who value simplicity, good design, high quality materials and courageous designs arranged. Three-level apartment occupies more than 120 m2 (1,292 ft2) and is located in the center of Sosnowiec. Presented interior relates to the first level of the apartment where there is an open living space that allows residents and their guests to spend time together. The biggest challenge for the architects was to organize in a narrow interior attractive entrance area. The functional bookcase, which acts as a castellated “wall” separating the entrance area from the daily space. A form of stairs hidden inside a spacious wardrobe and shoes.

Minimalist white kitchen in the form of an annex was decorate with plates in black and white geometric patterns and rolled lacquered legs – accent from a distant era. The architects decided for a such contrasting statement of forms and patterns to give the interior an intriguing character. Because of a combination of monochromatic colors, various shapes, furniture and materials space is not monotonous. Glass elements and lacquered furniture surfaces used in the interior visually enlarge the space and give it elegance. Three-dimensional, black wallpaper introduced into the interior another structure and gives to interior a cozy, as well as class and style.

The interior of the apartment has many roomy cabinets, eg. In the black furniture wall of the kitchen or under the stairs. Just behind the openwork shelf is the entrance to a small bathroom. Its interior is also an example of a monochromatic play of textures and patterns – patterned floor , raw concrete, black lacquered MDF or mirror. White, free-standing sink looks great against the mirrors and patterned floor. The architects used a few accents in the interior, which gave to it a character of photo studio. On the walls there are pictures of famous photographers and next the sofa there is stylized floor lamp inspired of studios lamps. On the next level in the area of communication was organized recreation space with a TV and comfortable armchairs. The walls of the corridor are finished with graphic, white-gray wallpaper.

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