Marvelous $25 million Alden Residence


The Alden Residence is a $25 million property located in the prestigious Beverly Park Drive in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California. It was designed by the Los Angeles-based architect Rob Wellington Quigley in 1999 and it belongs to David Alden, a theatre and film director that wants to sell it for $25 million.

Due to the fact that it’s a roomy estate, it houses a 1,000 square foot gym with sauna and a massage room so the owner could be spoiled in the privacy of his own home, a grand first floor living room, indoor and outdoor dining rooms, a family room, a kitchen and also a private theatre.

The drawn pool house shelters a guest apartment, marvelous grounds with swimmer’s pool, a spa and also a basketball court.

The Alden Residence will definitely make you a “better” person!

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