Oceanfront Balcony Over Bronte by Luigi Rosselli Architects

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This contemporary dream home is located in Bronte, Sydney, Australia, thus the name Balcony Over Bronte. The three-level residence is part of a lovely beachside suburb, so stunning ocean views are a given.

Luigi Rosselli Architects completed the project using a lot of dark elements, of which the most remarkable is probably the main stairwell, whose dark timber steps and handrail appear to float into the air. One of the bathrooms is also very impressive with its black mosaic wall.

As you walk through the house you can notice many other black and dark-colored elements, including tables, chairs, counter tops, floors, sofas, suspended lamps, and more. No wonder the architects began their project description with the words “Black is back”.

Balcony Over Bronte was created by architect Corrado Palleschi in close collaboration with the client and interior designer Alexandra Donohoe.

Photos by: Justin Alexander

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