Originally Designed Cubes House in Ramot HaShavim, Israel

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The Cubes House was designed by a team of architects from Néstor Sandbank, and it can be found in Ramot HaShavimIsrael. Spreading across 32,291 square feet, this originally designed residence represents the materialization of its owners’ dream to live within a unique home that would feature multiple rooms connected to a large mega volume. To clarify, the residence flaunts several children bedrooms that were placed within their own independent structures.

There are 4 children bedrooms in total, and while 3 of them were placed in a neatly organized row perpendicular to the main abode, the 4th bedroom is linked to the parents’ main room because it belongs to a young 6 year-old. All rooms feature their own terraces that boast fabulous views of the encircling garden, while the lavish master bedroom also features a large balcony.

The children’s accommodations were designed individually, and they all feature high-end amenities and conveniences that are meant to make life enjoyable for those who reside within. Apart from the house itself, the property also includes a large courtyard and a superb swimming pool that is flanked by lounging chairs. Comfortable sofas and tables are placed outdoors in order to ensure that the residents would always be able to enjoy socialization and relaxation opportunities, but when the weather is not suitable for such distractions, there are plenty of activities to enjoy within the home itself.

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