Practical And Comfortable Rambla House In Chile

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The Rambla House is a comfortable and spacious abode that was built at a remarkable location in Zapallar, Valparaíso RegionChile by a team of architects from LAND Arquitectos. These architects partnered up with Ángela Delorenzo A and Cristóbal Valenzuela H, but Andres Altamirano and Javier Lorenzo were also noteworthy collaborators.  The entire construction process was overseen by Francisco Pumpin from CML Ltda, while the construction technical inspection was taken care of by José Correa from ITO Optimiza. Finally, Enzo Valladares was in charge of the structures.

Boasting exceptional views of the Pacific Ocean, the Rambla House is a lovely weekend home that features spacious and comfortable living arrangements that spread across a surface of 1,323 feet. The residence was designed in such a way as to shelter its main living areas from the unforgiving coastline climate condition while still maintain a strong connection between the indoors and outdoors.

The home is supported by concrete beams and flaunts V-shaped pine volumes that form its main structural composition. Even though it features plenty of wood elements, the Rambla House was built to last a very long time, and so its wooden structures were treated with a high quality product that ensures durability and protection from the humid winds.

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Photos by Sergio Pirrone

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