Pure Elegance Within The El Viento House In Madrid, Spain

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Jane Mullock
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Located in Collado Villalba, Madrid, Spain, the El Viento House is a remarkable, modern residence that was sketched out by Otto Medem de la Torriente. The first thing that instantly draws attention to this particular home is a contemporary, edgy layout that embraces the unique topography of the site. The exterior of the El Viento House features the purest shade of white that contrasts nicely with the natural backdrop of plains and hills that make Collado Villalba such a highly coveted location.

Other exterior highlights include a wooden deck that features lounging chairs and overlooks a large swimming pool. On the inside, the owner is greeted by a spectacular contrast of white walls, high quality wooden floors and gorgeous shades of green from natural plants. However, things change dramatically in the kitchen, which boasts a modern and edgy allure thanks to a combination of glossy white furniture pieces, gray counters and metal appliances.

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