Ready for a Remodel? Compare Flooring Costs and Options

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If you have been thinking about remodeling your home, one of the first things you should do is create a budget. This helps you identify exactly what you can afford to do to create the home of your dreams (or perhaps just update your home a bit). If flooring is one of the things you want to update, make sure you compare costs before you decide on the materials you will use, as the cost of flooring can vary pretty widely from one option to the next and the wrong flooring could quickly eat up the budget you have.

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Comparison: Hard Surface Flooring

Most homeowners install hard surface flooring (such as tile or hardwood) in areas like the kitchen and bathrooms, but today there is a trend to put hardwood and tile in several of your living areas, including family rooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms. Hard surface flooring like hardwood or tile offers the convenience of not worrying if you spill and it’s great for homes with kids and pets (who can be particularly hard on your floors), and it looks very elegant, but it does come with some drawbacks—the main one being the cost. Installing solid wood floors throughout your home or putting tile in large areas of the house can quickly add up.

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Before you scrap the idea entirely, check out more budget-friendly options like laminate wood flooring, which provide the same elegant style but at a fraction of the cost of traditional hardwood. Vinyl flooring also provides many style and design choices that can mimic the look of tile or wood and is very affordable.

Comparison: Carpet Flooring

Carpet is still the preferred option for areas like bedrooms, especially kids’ rooms, and playrooms, since kids are likely to spend a lot of time on these floors. You want them to be plush and comfortable, but also stain-resistant, since kids can be pretty messy. Before you select new carpet, compare all the available materials and styles to get one that is economical, but offers you the right level of protection from stains and everyday wear and tear.

Synthetic materials like nylon or polyester (PET), or one of the newest options triexta, can provide you with stain-resistant power and still look and feel plush and beautiful. Since they’re made of synthetic materials that don’t absorb liquid like a natural fiber carpet would, they can withstand whatever the kids throw at them (or spill on them, or track on them). Remember to compare carpet pads as well and choose one that offers stain protection as well as comfort.

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Remodeling your floors is a great opportunity to update and improve the look of your home, making it more livable and more beautiful at the same time.

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