10 Tips on How to Prepare Your Baby’s First Room

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The arrival of a baby is a new adventure. Life changes and, consequently, the house too. At least one of the rooms will be exclusively for your child, so it will be necessary to change the decor in every way. Are you sure what you need to upgrade for the little one to have a complete and beautiful bedroom? We have a list of important tips to follow, so your child’s bedroom becomes his favorite place in the world.

From the moment the baby arrives home, the room must be well prepared: crib, changing table, a chair or rocking chair to breastfeed. They are some of the essentials you need and that you can review in this article. But what about the rest of the decor in the room? Creating a calm, warm, and welcoming environment is one of the goals of all parents, and we are going to give you some clues to get the perfect room for the little one.

Kids room

Delimit different areas

Diapers, toys, clothes, bathroom utensils, and personal care. These are just some of the things you will have to find a place in the room, that’s why all kinds of shelves, cabinets, or drawers will be welcome. One way to have everything organized is to delimit the place by zones. Everything will depend on the square meters you have, but nothing is impossible if you know how to organize yourself. The ideal is to have a rest area, a care area, and a lactation area. To separate spaces, the rugs can become your best allies since they will delimit the area you want to mark.

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Kids room

The colors that best fit

The color you choose to paint your room will also be a crucial decision. For this type of place, you usually go for the pink or blue colors (depending on whether you are a boy or a girl), but why don’t you go for the neutral or pastel colors? White, candy yellow, mint color, violet, taupe, or any soft shade from the earth color range can also be perfect for your room walls.

You can opt for wallpapers that provide a different touch and can be ideal with children’s motifs. Choosing a single wall to place it will be enough.

The good idea is to choose the white color for the furniture; you can reuse them to change the decoration of your room as it grows to adapt to your new needs.

Kids room

From 24 months

As he grows, his customs will also change. Each little one is a world, so it will always depend on each child, the age at which we can buy him his first bed, and therefore, he begins to sleep alone in her room. The support lights or wall lamps will help you because they will be your salvation in possible episodes of fear, when they start going to the bathroom alone at night or before they fall asleep while you’re reading a story to them.

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From approximately two years of age, you can rearrange his room by defining new spaces. From now on, we can add a play area and join it to the rest area, where you will place his new bed and the relaxation, study, or organization area where he could paint, do his homework, read stories or store all his favorite toys.

To give your room a comfortable and straightforward air, you can add fun, tasty textiles with different patterns such as stars, animals. Blankets and covers to cover your bed, cushions of different shapes and textures, or rugs are some of the ideal accessories for children’s rooms.

Boxes or bags to store toys or clothes can also help you tidy up your room and, at the same time, give it a different touch. Ready to set up your little world?

Kids room

Many parents are clear about how they want their baby’s room. Some details are worth remembering, and those can be included in the list of things for the baby if you want a comfortable and functional room:

  1. The crib model is essential, but it must be following the safety, comfort, resistance of the furniture, and a suitable cradle mattress pad so the baby can rest without taking any risk.
  2. Avoid putting heavy objects on the crib, such as bookshelves, ceiling fans, pictures, and hanging lamps.
  3. The clearer the room is, the better. Everything should have its place, toys, clothes, etc. Avoid leaving things in the center of the room to avoid tripping over an object or furniture.
  4. No exaggeration in terms of furniture. Choose only the ones you are going to use: the crib, a nightstand, a dresser with drawers, a comfortable chair, a toy box, and a garbage can.
  5. Choose a baby room that is close to yours. This way, you can serve him more easily.
  6. Look for soft colors for both the walls and the furniture in the room. Colors affect babies. The lighter, the better. They will transmit tranquility to them, and it will influence their sleep.
  7. The baby’s bedroom should be well lit and ventilated to avoid humidity, mites, and consequent allergies.
  8. Cleaning is essential. In the first months, mainly, avoid putting rugs in your baby’s room. You will be preventing the concentration of dust and dirt.
  9. Tranquility is the keyword to get an ideal room for the baby. If it is possible, have good sound insulation.
  10. For the arrangement of furniture, you can resort to techniques such as Feng Shui. I know people who have followed it, and they say it worth it.
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The decoration of a children’s room is a very personal issue since each family has different tastes and needs. I hope that with these tips that I propose this work will be much easier for you.

Do you know what is best? Enjoy the process, so when it’s time to get down to business, stand in front of the room, breathe and let your imagination run wild.

If you decided to include a mattress pad in your baby’s crib, you must be careful and select the one that best suits it for greater comfort and safety.


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