10 ultra-easy DIYs to instantly “pamper” your bedroom

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In deco, it is sometimes not lacking much to put the finishing touch to a room. Whether updating a space, transforming it or improving it, there are several simple ways to achieve this:

  • Play with accessories;
  • Change the color of the room;
  • Arrange the furniture differently;
  • Change the lighting …

There is also the solution that is to tinker a decoration yourself ! Indeed, with the help of some easy DIY project ideas, you could customize your bedroom at a lower cost. Enjoy it, DIY is popular and we find ANYWHERE on the Web!

10 ultra-easy DIYs to instantly pamper your bedroom

Zoom in 10  easy DIYs to “pimper” your bedroom for almost anything.

1. Lampshade refreshed

patterned lampshade

If the style of your lamp leaves something to be desired, nothing prevents you from transforming it! A little paint on the foot and a nice fabric on the lampshade and it’s a brand new lamp you will get!

2. Decorative paintings

Decorative paintings

Print an image in several pieces that you like. To copy this example, you just need to print everything in the same color and come back to the gold felt just a part of your image (it works very well with simple shapes or silhouettes). Arrange everything in small frames, which you will position more or less close, depending on your wall surface to cover.

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3. Washi Tape Frames

Washi Tape Frames

It’s crazy all you can do with these famous decorative ribbons! Here, you can put your photos forward by placing them directly on the wall and framing them with Washi Tape of various colors.

4. Bed sky

canopy bed with white veils

Have you always wanted a four-poster bed? Give the illusion by playing with some curtain rods and curtains! Here is an idea that could give height and breadth to your headboard.

5. Seamless cushions

cushion in wicker basket

The cushions are essential elements to give a cozy look to a bedroom. For all those who do not necessarily like to sew, here is the perfect DIY to make cushions with the fabric of your choice. All without needles!

6. Graphic wall

Graphic wall

Painting is cheaper than wallpaper and in addition, you can choose the color you want. Why not use it to create an accent wall and give the room more rhythm? A little paint, masking tape and rolls: it’s THE recipe you need to reproduce this graphic wall.

7. Custom curtains

polka dot curtains

Who said white curtains were boring? For pimpering, simply bring fabric paint and a stencil. When we can not find curtains for our bedroom, create them!

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8. Bright headboard

light garland house

Here is a great idea to create an original headboard while having, in the evening, soft lighting. Run in the shops; Christmas light garlands are already on the shelf and waiting for you! Choose garlands with LED bulbs, which last longer and expend less energy.

9. Washi Tape Headboard

black house headboard

And yes, another great idea to reproduce with Washi Tape! This headboard will be a hit, I’m sure! And if in a few months you no longer like it, it will be removed in no time. Convenient!

10. Painted headboard

Painted bed tint on the wall

The last headboard which, in my opinion, is the focal point of a bedroom. This headboard silhouette is simply painted on the wall. Put on several large comfortable pillows to finalize your new cozy bed.

I leave you with all these great DIY ideas, perfect for your weekends. Wishing you a beautiful and happy DIY in your bedroom!

See you soon!

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