Rustic And Comfortable x11 Contemporary Home

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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One of the most amazing homes in Alphaville, LondrinaBrazil is named X11, and it was designed by Spagnuolo Architecture. Built in a quiet residential neighborhood, the abode is surrounded by palm trees and other forms of vegetation, and it boasts a contemporary design that involves flat roofs, sharp angles and multiple glass elements that allow natural light to flow freely throughout the living spaces.

Even though the house is unmistakably modern, it does come with a series of rustic features that contribute to a warm, welcoming ambiance. A good example is the coffee table in the living room, which seems to have been made from the trunk of a tree. Then there’s the dining table for eight, which impresses with a strikingly similar look.

The living room and kitchen are connected to an outdoor wooden deck that flaunts a small lounging area. This relaxation space is flanked by a beautiful swimming pool that features turquoise mosaic tiles.

Photos by R R Rufino

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