Serene Island Hideaway at Dhonakulhi Maldives, Spa Resort & Marina


The Island Hideaway at Dhonakulhi Maldives, Spa Resort & Marina is hosted by the virgin island of Dhonakulhi, in the Maldives, which is a large crescent-shaped island with a 1.4 kilometers long beach. This is a tranquil place where the clear turquoise waters of the lagoon surrounding the island stretches as far as the human eye can see.

The reef system, on which the island sits on, is divided into two different parts, forming in this way a natural harbor for the marina. You will find here an oasis of vegetation mixed with coconut trees, banana trees and rubber-tree-like vegetation.

This place is a dreamy boutique resort located on the private island of Dhonakulhi, North Maldives, Indian Ocean, which was opened on the 1st August 2005. It features 8 types of 48 villas set in a heaven of peace, tranquility and serenity.

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