Simple Ways To Relieve Stress When Moving Into A New House

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Moving into a new home is something that almost everyone dreams of at some point in their lives. You dream about it for days, weeks, months or even years. You have it all in your head, how it will look like, how spacious and how comfortable it will be, anyway how well you and your family will live there. Ok, but until you will get to actually live in that house, as much as you wish to skip that one essential step, it’s practically impossible. Yes, moving with all its cumbersome, annoying and time-consuming activities.

It’s not all just milk and honey, but there is the possibility that the great desire that you have to move into a new home to help you very much and make you see all the chores pleasant and very easy. But until it gets easy it can also be very hard. There are lots of things you need to take care of and to think about in advance. If you don’t do them from the very beginning it will be very hard to take care of them afterwards  because you will not have the necessary energy and the concentration for them.

The idea is that in such situations, we should not panic and despair. Instead, we should think calmly and organize everything in advance and we’ll make everything look like a piece of cake.

So, the stress of moving is inevitable, but if you keep in mind some details that make your life easier and prioritize, you will see things a lot different.
1. For start, you need to search for a specialized company that can help you transport all your things and make sure you reserve a car in advance, this, in case you don’t want to do this operation yourself. These companies will solve your problem, but keep in mind that it’s a little bit expensive because the prices vary depending on several criteria: the size of the apartment, the amount of transported things, the size of the furniture, the distance to your new home, and so on.

2. Start packing early because it will be impossible to pack all things in the same day you’ll move. Do not fool yourself! Get rid of unnecessary things and start by labeling all the boxes to make unpacking easier. Use one of the boxes to store things you need immediately.

3. After  you finished packing, check again every drawer in the house because it’s every likely to have overlooked some items that you could not recover in case you forget about them. The new owner could believe that you left them behind because you did not need them anymore and he could throw them away.
4. Make sure you put all the important documents in a file and keep it in a safe place cause we all know what losing one document means, especially because of all the bureaucracy that interferes when wanting to obtain another document from the authorities.
5. It would be great if you could buy in advance all the accessories for your house, such as carpets, curtains, a rug and many other small things, and the easiest method to do that would be buying them online. You could do that even in a lunch break at work  because it can be a recreational activity.
6. Unpacking should not be a burden because once you’ve labeled the boxes, each one will go exactly in the room you want to put it, so do everything possible to take a few days off from work in order to organize your new home quietly, calmly and patiently.
7. Plan two weeks, during which you can take one box at a time and decorate every room as you please. You don’t have to rush anything because now it’s not mandatory to invite your friends over and play the role of a perfect host.
8. The vacuum cleaners is your best friend during this period. With so much dust gathered from moving, unpacking and arranging the space, you  must keep it around all the time. Yes, it’s so much dust when you move in a new house that you won’t be able to imagine how it’s like not to be surrounded by it. Unfortunately, we always have to dust our houses.

9. After you’ve finished putting everything in place, enjoy the comfort of your home for a few days and make sure you feel the joy of  living in a new home with every moment that passes by.
10. Meet the new neighbors and try to become friends with them because it’s highly important to maintain a good relationship with the neighbors.
11. For the sleep not to be affected by moving in a new home, one thing you can do is to cover your bed with your favorite sheets and create a more relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. Maybe some scented candles and a dim light will help you in this regard.
12. Maintain your morning habits in order to wake up in a good mood: wake up at the usual time and enjoy your coffee in the most relaxing place in the house.

13. After so much stress and fatigue accumulated, all you have to do now is to relax and take your time to love every corner of your house.
14. When you feel body and soul ready, throw a party to honor your new home and show your friends that your dream came true.
Since we’ve talked about a possible stress affecting you when moving to a new home, if you’re a superstitious person, maybe you should keep in mind a few superstitions that circulate among people who believe in this kind of stuff.

1. When you want to buy a house, take your cat with you or borrow it from a friend and let her roam around the house. If she will want to get out as soon as possible, this means the house is full of negative energy and bad luck.
2. The best day to move is  Thursday. Avoid Fridays and Saturdays and also rainy days.
3. Salt wards off evil spirits and brings good luck, so you should throw a little in every room. Also, throw a few coins in the living room for prosperity.
4. Throw your old broom. Don’t bring it in your new home because it will attract bad luck and mess.
5. If a bird enters your new home, it’s a bad sign and you have to chase it, but if it builds a nest on the roof, that’s a sign a prosperity.
Superstitious or not, disorganized or orderly, you will make it. Eventually everyone handles the situation. However, the thought that you’re moving into a new house makes you pass more easily through the whole process and even if you would have to start over, you would do that because the thought of owning a new home is way too beautiful not to it. I mean, yes, it is stress, time spent, effort, maybe nerves, but there’s also your soul involved and a lot of pleasure when you think about the fact that you’re arranging a home for your family.


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