Sophisticated Cristal House by Gómez De La Torre & Guerrero


Cristal House is an architectural project developed by Gómez De La Torre & Guerrero. It is located in Playa SeñoritasPeru and is based on the concept of a large self-supporting glass box that practically acts like a support for the concrete roof, surrounding it with side transparencies and owning an aperture of a retractable roof that confirms the idea of total transparency.

This project is spread over three levels that are connected to the sea horizon view. The core of the house is the double height living room – interior terrace with a Jacuzzi and a retractable roof that remains open in the summer and closed during winter or when the house is uninhabited.

The first level hosts the 6- car garage, an open courtyard linked to the laundry, a bedroom with a bathroom and a service area with a bathroom and storage area from where a staircase connects the three levels of the house.

The second level features the social environments, the kitchen with pantry, two bedrooms and the terrace area.

The third level includes a glass bridge that links the left and right wings and looks over the double height.

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