Summer House in Syros, Greece

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Designed by a company named Block722, these amazing summerhouses are located in Syros, Greece, and they flaunt 2,163 square feet of living space. Under the guidance of skilled architects Sotiris Tsergas and Katja Margaritoglou, the team in charge of this wonderful project managed to create spacious and luxurious abodes that are able to ensure luxurious living conditions to a family and their guests. The houses offer stunning views of the Plagia bay, and their designs are based on a deconstructed rectangle that features openings on all sides.

Syros I has unified living spaces without giving off the impression of a massive volume, while Syros II is integrated nicely into the steep topography of the lot. Furthermore, Syros I includes private living areas that benefit from access to social spaces such as a swimming pool and a deck. Syros II boasts the same characteristics but its layout is slightly more complex as it is buried in the slope and defined by a stone wall.

The outdoor common areas comprise a pair of open courtyards that have shaded lounging areas as well as a central sunbathing spot.

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From the architect:

Situated in the island of Syros I (plan view left), this summer house hosts a family and their guests. The design process was defined by the clients’ desire to maximize the view of the Plagia bay.

The main intention was to unify the various spaces of the house under one roof facing the Aegean, without creating a massive volume, thus resulting in a deconstructed rectangle with massive openings from all sides. In a similar way Syros II (plan view right) uses the same technique in terms of built volume accommodating itself however gently into the steep and intense topography of the site.

Programmatically, both complexes aim to intensify the experience with the Cycladic landscape. In Syros I the desire was the creation of spaces that could be both private and with constant access to the pool and outdoor space. In Syros II, the complexity of the topography is added, and the building is buried inside the slope, defined by a stone wall that is typical of the local architecture.

The main volumes are characterized by a free floor plan, allowing the continuous view of the outside and offering a cozy living space near the fireplace.

The outdoor common spaces include two open “courtyards” shielded from the sun and the central part of the court, open to sunbathing and the children’s plays. They offer vast relaxation spaces, either sheltered from the sun or open. All spaces were designed so that they could offer an ample view of the Aegean and allow the visitor to become one with its surroundings.


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Architects: block722

Location: Syros, Greece

Architects in charge: Sotiris Tsergas & Katja Margaritoglou

Design Team: Dora Felekou, Anna Perela

Interior Design: Katja Margaritoglou

Structural Engineer: Isidoros Rossolatos

Area: 201.0 sqm

Project Year: 2014

Photographs: Ioanna Roufopoulou, Erieta Attali


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