Terrific Ming House In Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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Built in 2014 with utmost attention to detail by a team of skilled architects from LGZ Taller de Arquitectura, the Ming House is a fine example of contemporary architecture that can be found in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The architects that were in charge of this fabulous project are named Oscar Fdo. Mendoza L and Lena de la Torre, and they collaborated with Jimena García and Laura Javier in order to make this amazing home a reality.

Flaunting 2,766 square feet of living space as well as tall roofs, this home gives off a sense of spaciousness and comfort, and it also benefits from a direct connection to the outdoor environment thanks to its generously-sized windows and skylights, both of which allow plenty of natural light to flow throughout the main living areas.  The interiors were decorated and furnished masterfully in order to create a contrast between the crisp white of the walls and the warm wood tones of the furniture pieces, decks and art objects.

The residence even boasts a posterior garden that features local plants such as oak trees, shrubs and grasses, which form an beautiful green wall that can be admired from an interior patio.

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Photos by Jorge Taboada

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