The Benefits of a Walk-In Bathtub and Shower Combo

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When many people decide that they need a more accessible bathing solution, they immediately assume that they need a walk-in tub. In some cases, people may choose only to use their shower stall, and perhaps install a bench or shower seat for additional safety. But these are not your only options. There is a third, often overlooked, alternative that provides the same security and accessibility level as a walk-in tub, but with some additional benefits. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of installing a walk-in bathtub and shower combo.

More Bathing Options

People who need a walk-in tub often feel restricted in their bathing options because they need the accessibility that their tub provides. Even with a shower bench, a standard shower stall often isn’t accessible enough for these individuals. But bathing in a walk-in tub requires the user to sit in the tub the entire time it is filling and emptying; this makes baths take longer, which can be tiresome for some people. 

A combination tub and shower provides that low-entry step and comfortable upright seat that many people with reduced mobility need. However, it also provides an overhead shower so that users don’t have to take a bath. They can choose to sit safely and comfortably while taking a quick shower, rather than always needing to dedicate a significant chunk of their day to bathing.

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Get the Most from Your Space

Combining your tub and shower into a single structure also allows you to get the most of your bathroom space. When investing in a walk-in tub, many people want to go a bit bigger than their current tub’s footprint will allow. If you remove both your tub and your shower stall, you can make room for a much larger walk-in tub that will allow you to both bathe and shower with total accessibility.

Less to Clean

If you have reduced mobility, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning multiple bathroom fixtures. Upgrading to a single walk-in unit rather than separate bathing and showering fixtures means you have less cleaning to worry about. These walk-in fixtures are also straightforward to clean and typically only require a wipe-down with a cleaner once a week, as well as quick spraying with the handheld sprayer after your baths. Less maintenance is always a good thing, especially when bending to scrub a tub is out of the question.

A walk-in bathtub and shower combo is an excellent option for those who need greater accessibility while bathing but don’t want to be limited in their options.

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