The Best Plants to Liven Up Your Spa Gazebo

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Incorporating plants is practically the easiest way to decorate your home spa. They’re full of life and color, are easy to maintain, and they freshen up the place. Not to mention the soothing scents are to die for when it comes to relaxing and rejuvenating. Imagine your spa enclosure smelling of sweet lavender or tangy lemon while you take a dip in your hot tub or take a nap on your massage chair. These plants will help you achieve that five-star luxury atmosphere for even less than the price of actually going to such establishments. But with a variety of plants to choose from, how will you know which is perfect for your home spa?

Always remember that your backyard spa enclosure is an extension of your home. Whatever plants are inside your house can just as easily be put inside your home structure. It’s all about choosing the right ones for you, and to help you out, here is a narrowed down list of the best plants to liven up your spa gazebo.

Lavender Flowers

Lavender is one of the most common flowers in spas today. Not only is the plant beautiful, but they also emanate one of the most relaxing scents. It’s known to help reduce stress and anxiety among those lucky enough to smell its sweetness. Fortunately, lavender comes in various forms. You can get them in pots to perch on your tables or in vines to decorate the entire structure altogether. Some can also be hung from the ceiling so that your spa gazebo will have more space inside. Another way to increase space is to get the lavender flowers in window flower boxes for that elegant and classic touch.

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Bonsai Trees

A bonsai tree is an artificial shrub of a classic tree that’s artificially grown to stay small. This plant originated from Japan is most houses in the country have their own. Placing one inside your own home spa will add an exciting and exotic touch to it. They’ll look great against the relaxing aura of your spa gazebo, especially if the structure is an enclosed space. The most relaxing part about owning a Bonsai tree is maintaining it, which you can easily do inside the spa enclosure. The only downside to owning one is that you’ll need to give it some space, which will lessen that of the room for other people.

Lemon Plants

You wouldn’t think that lemon trees would do well indoors, but they’re actually perfect for decorating your spa enclosure. If your home spa is open-air, this will increase the chances of the lemon trees’ delicious scents to waft throughout the room. Similarly to lavender, as well as other citrus fruits, lemon scents are also known to induce relaxation. In moments when you’re feeling angry and mad, this tangy smell can instantly put you in a good mood, making it perfect for your spa gazebo. And just imagine how beautiful the structure will look when those zesty fruits are hanging about!

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Peace Lillies

In the world of lilies, calla lilies or water lilies are arguably the most popular, But when it comes to decorating any room or feature in the house, you can never go wrong with peace lilies. This elegant flora is a sight to behold in any environment, even inside your home spa. In fact, this plant is one of few that actually thrives and survives in cooler and shaded areas. They also help delete the toxins found in the air. Once you put one in your spa gazebo, it’ll be fresher, cleaner and would smell sweeter inside it. Forget the water lilies, go for Peace lilies for your home structure.


Sometimes, your spa gazebo can act as the perfect date venue. Picture it: you and your partner taking a relaxing dip in the hot tub or a soothing sauna session inside your home spa. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? When it comes to plants, no other flora is as romantic as a rose. As with any other place in the world, roses can instantly beautify your spa gazebo. You can put them on vases and place them in the corner, decorate the edges with the flowers, or even simply put the petals on the hot tub. It’ll bee a romantic date both you and your partner will never forget.

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Ever went to a five-star luxury spa and you noticed that the most common decorations they have are bamboo sticks? That’s because they really are actually effective in calming down people’s nerves and making them feel right at home. Bamboos have various ways of helping people relax. They can be turned into fascinating water features or musical instruments, both of which are tried and tested to successfully help people relieve their tensions away. Even a nice display of bamboo sticks is already a pleasant sight to see. They’re easy to decorate your spa gazebo with, which makes them a bit of win-win situation.


When it comes to plants and flowers for your home spa, why not go classic? Gardenias are flowers that have been used for centuries. From the Victorian era to the early 20th century, the flower was one of the most popular plants used to decorate houses and even clothes. It has a charming look to it, one with symmetry and neutrality that’s peaceful to the mind and body. They also have such sweet scents, which made them the favorite flowers of women of the time. Now, you can still use the flower to decorate your spa gazebo. They’ll look heavenly floating about in your hot tub or hanging from the ceiling of the structure.

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English Ivy

Gazebos, even spa gazebos, are most beautiful when covered with scintillating vines. English Ivy is one such vine that can beautify your home structure in an effortless and classic way. They’re easy to maintain and grow and are proven to be relaxing plants to have within your home. Even NASA as the best plants to filter your home. And if it’s good enough for the famous space program, it’s good enough for your own home spa.

Plants liven up the room like no other. They’re sweet smelling and soothing to the eye. Brighten up your own spa gazebo with the help of these wonderful plants and more!

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