The Re-Style of a Luxury Villa

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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Many different, unique and modern decor designs are used in this re-styled luxury villa in Cap Martinet, Ibiza. This luxury villa includes elegant white furniture. Tabarq has visualized its beautiful interior where the sculptural and LED lighting is used to bring art into the interior without creating unnecessary clutter. If we talk more about this rich and exquisite modern interior, it includes a large main room.

There is also a large pool patio that helps to create the perfect setting of the villa. This pool patio is meant to entertain people with its swimming pool, an eating area as well as an outdoor lounge. You can also enjoy the weather in a large balcony as well. Inside this re-styled luxury villa, there are some beautiful bedroom suites that are styled in such a way that they offer peaceful retreats. Moreover, unique decor designs are used in its bathroom as well.

This luxury villa has a stunning and modern home exterior that cuts into the side of a lush green hill. There are a lot of mature trees that surround the exterior. There is a large patio area that divides the home from the lawn. It lets people enjoy the sparkling blue infinity swimming pool, al fresco eating area as well as an outdoor lounge. This dream luxury house includes the climbing plants that add to the greenery of the house. This luxury villa also contains the towering windows and a staircase at an exterior that joins the green grassy hills with the entrance of the villa.

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In front of an al fresco dining set, there is a luxury swimming pool in which sun loungers can enjoy swimming. Moreover, there is a separate sun deck at the head of the pool. An outdoor shower is also there. The edges of this luxury swimming pool are all covered with matured green shrubs. In addition to the luxury swimming pool, there are also individual sun shades that can create a cool effect over the rest of the sun loungers. Natural wood and charming ivy are used in the design that surrounds the outdoor lounge. An al fresco dining set and a luxury swimming pool add more to the beautiful exterior of this luxury villa.

Moving inside the luxury villa, there is a large living room that has a U-shaped modular sofa arrangement. The cushions of the sofa are mixed taupe and white. It simply creates depth and light in this luxury living room. The wall is beautifully decorated with natural wood as well as white stones. There is a fireplace as well as LED lighting that really adds more to the beauty of a living room. Four kitchen pendant lights are also there that provide a welcoming ambiance during dinner or evening hours. Moreover, there is the main dining area in this luxury villa. Coming towards the kitchen, there are two rows of wooden cabinets and a modern Belfast style sink. In addition to that, there is a luxury bedroom and a bathroom as well.

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