The Contemporary Ripolles-Manrique House in Spain

The Contemporary Ripolles-manrique House In Spain

The luxurious Ripolles-Manrique House is a beautiful dwelling completed in 2009by design studio Teo Hidalgo Nácher. It is located near Benicàssim, a Spanish town that’s renowned for its music festivals. The project consists of two attached houses that are joined together to appear as one single contemporary residence.

The architects had to build the house on a difficult plot, with an irregular geometry and steep slopes. Fortunately, this challenge did not limit the architect’s imagination, but rather helped them draw clearly the outline of the entire project. They followed the edges of the plot (while also keeping in mind the building regulations of the area), and created a clear contour of the house’s perimeter.

The owners of the two houses wanted their homes to provide a clear sense of privacy, while also ensuring unobstructed views of the lovely surroundings. Other requirements included in the brief were: a shared garden for easy socialization, natural ventilation systems, well-lit interiors without any direct sunlight inside the house, and an overall economical construction of the building (with a limited palette of materials), without compromising on high standards.

Thanks to a continuous and efficient communication between the architect, the clients and the surveyor, the project was completed in a manner that satisfied everybody involved. And judging by the pictures below, there cannot be any good reason for anyone to be dissatisfied with the result.

The Contemporary Ripolles-Manrique House in Spain

Photos by: José Hevia

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