The Pros And Cons Of Having A Pool Built At Your Home

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When it comes to the Texas heat, many residents of Austin are constantly on the search for the best method to take advantage of the heat while remaining cool about it. Sure, being close to a water source would be ideal; the idea of having a pool installed is also a great idea. Depending on your neighborhood, having a pool installed at your home may be common due to the high heat, especially when the heat can reach over 95°F.

Pool Costs

If you plan to build a pool for your home, then considering the costs will be important. In Austin, the cost can be as low as $15,000 and as high as $40,000 depending on the size and any other extras. These extras could include items for safety measures such as a fence, lighting, spa, and landscaping. When these are factored into the price, the total could easily reach over $100K.

Another thing to consider when it comes to cost is the kind that you decide to have. Currently, pools known as gunite have been widely built and utilizes a sand and cement mix. This mix allows any shape to be formed and is quickly replacing the standard concrete designs.

Pools made with fiberglass or vinyl are considered cheaper, but will require replacement after 10 years of use. Although it may seem like more work than wanted, in order to change the vinyl lining, you have to empty your pool and add a new coping.

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Besides the fact of having good quality material in your pool, there are also some pros and cons to be aware of we are able to explain them in detail with you. However, at the meantime, below are some pros and cons courtesy of Reliant Pools Austin TX, to be aware of for the time being.



Before building a pool, you need to know if it will provide monetary value to your home. It may be difficult to know because so many factors are added into it. However, what it boils down to is the fact that you will add value to your home when you sell your home, although not the amount you may expect. According to the NAR, it is believed that a pool is able to add an additional 5% to the value of a home. This amount can be quite significant depending on the home’s value without one.

If anything, the least that may happen is breaking even by having a swimming pool built. Plus, if that doesn’t occur, you will still be able to receive a lot back just through the value it provides. Typically, a swimming pool’s value is calculated by square feet, which means homes with a pool usually sells faster than a home without one.


Regardless of the value a swimming pool can provide a home; there will always be risk involved in the process. Just like anything that is built, it becomes an investment and a pool is no different. In fact, a pool’s cost can easily run well over $40,000. This is quite a chunk of change to put in a pool, but the price can also fluctuate. The majority of this fluctuation is due to the additional items that are requested during the build such as the materials used and the size. So just because your home has a pool, you still have quite a bit of risk involved.

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And this risk is not determined by location or whether the housing market fluctuates. On average, the amount that a homeowner is able to recover is at most 65% of the pool’s cost. That is not to mention the cost to maintain it too. So when you think about it, you are paying for it more often than just one-time. With maintenance, it will need a lot of extras such as electricity and water, chemicals, and likely an increase in insurance for the home.



If you are not worried about the financial gains or losses, then you might like the fact that a pool is able to bring a community together. This is a given when family and friends can have a lot of fun as they splash and play in the water. This can surely make it become a great investment. Everything from neighborhood pool parties, romantic occasions, reunions or any other get together that you can imagine. There seems to be something about having a home that is able to provide itself as a “host”.

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Plus, it seems like there is always a “go-to” home to enjoy a social gathering at the pool. When there is, then the amount of quality time can easily increase the amount of time spent with family and friends. A lot of parents like to take advantage of a pool for the simple fact that their kids will remain happy and out of trouble during the summer.


Sharing their pool is not what everybody enjoys doing, especially when the guests are unknown and could cause more trouble than anticipated. In a lot of places, the neighbors and friends often just come over unannounced to take a dip in the pool. This can be a problem when liability is concerned or if the children are unsupervised. Children in the pool alone can cause many unwanted issues that could result in accidents or even a drowning.



Like we are sure you already know that having a pool is a convenient part of living in Texas. When it comes to convenience, having a pool is able to give a restorative feeling very quickly. This means you can enjoy a great workout in the water as you enjoy your vacation at home. Due to the increased heat, the amount of time in the pool can be extended longer than any other part of the country. Not bad getting more swim time than other areas. Plus, if your neighborhood is full of homes with pools, then you can expect low costs for maintenance and upkeep for your local pool company.

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Having a pool can also have the inconvenience of upkeep and maintenance that is required routinely. This involves balancing the chemicals, restrictions, and water. With these maintenance needs comes the extra cost in terms of time. However, it is now seen as less of a burden on the home owner thanks to the technology currently available.

The Bottom Line

So at the end of the day, is it really worth it to have a pool installed at your home? It is ultimately the homeowner’s decision. Regardless, its benefit will be relational or monetarily. And if a pool is not built, then you will obviously save money but also not get to enjoy the benefits that a pool can provide during the hot months. However, a pool in your backyard will have you spending money that you may not have expected, but still enjoying the fun that a pool can provide.

Also, you need to remember that you’ll have many years of enjoyment from your poo. This alone makes it a great investment if you expect to keep your home long enough to enjoy it to the fullest.

It can be a hard decision to make when a pool is concerned, but when you’re ready, make sure to get a hold of the professionals at Reliant Pools in Austin Tx to get the ball rolling for your pool installation.

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