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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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While many Australian homeowners improve their living space gradually, there’s a lot to be said for commissioning the right builder and having the home transformed in a single project. It doesn’t mean you would have to move out, as the renovation could be staged, which always ensures you have adequate living space, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of the renovation process.

Determine the Scope of the Project

When think about home renovations in Sydney, it could take on many forms; it could, for example, be a surface face-lift, leaving structural walls intact, or you might prefer to replace the roof and change the exterior. The builder can help you to ascertain the scope of the project, and with your budget in mind, together you can work on the design until such time as you are happy.

Making the Best Use of Technology

Solar Energy

A home renovation would be the ideal time to start using the clean and renewable energy that solar power offers. For homeowners, the government offers generous concessions to those who wish to invest in solar energy for their homes. Such is the quality of the latest generation of panels and home batteries, you can expect to have around 80% of all your power needs catered for by the solar power plant, and you will still be connected to the national grid for times when you need more power than you have stored. Solar panels look just like roof tiles, and with lithium iron phosphate batteries that are guaranteed for 10,000 charging cycles, you have a long-term energy solution.

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Biometric Access

Your new home can be fitted with either biometric locking or password protected, so losing your keys will never be an issue, and with keyless access, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is well-protected. There are other ways that your home can become smarter, with integrated digital control via your smartphone, which can access the climate control system to ensure the interior is comfortable when you get home.

Think Maintenance

Your builder should advise you regarding the use of composite materials, as this will provide a maintenance free environment, plus composites are generally cheaper than traditional materials such as timber. Roofing materials are now very well insulated, keeping the interior cool in the summer and helping to retain the heat in the colder months, and with the right insulation and double glazing, your home will be efficient in controlling heat transfer.

Choosing the right builder is, of course, essential, and look for a local company that specialises in home renovations, and one that can furnish you with a few local references. Plan the project in stages and over the course of a year, your home can be transformed, and as you want to use the best materials, be realistic with your budget.

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Renovating your home is a wise long-term investment, and one that will provide you and your family with many years of added comfort.


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