Interior Designing Just Got Easier, Thanks to New App

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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More than 68 percent of interior designers say it takes an hour or longer to search for a product by color online. But a new startup called Vishion is changing that. 

Vishion hit the App Store about a month ago, and it’s the only color search engine for decor.  The Vishion platform connects designers with the products they need to turn their design vision into reality.

The startup is partnered with Pantone, the leading provider of professional color standards for the design industry. Interior designers (and design aficionados) can now use Pantone color standards to search for decor online, with the Vishion mobile app. 

“Our goal is to make it easier for interior designers to do their jobs. For us, it was a natural step to work with Pantone, the leading global authority of processional color standards in the design community,” explained Samantha Smith, CEO of Vishion. 

Iain Pike, Director of Licensing Business Development at Pantone, says:

“Vishion is the first app of its kind with a robust tool set specifically for interior design.”

Vishion helps interior designers fill the gap between inspiration and selection. The iOS version of the mobile app is available for download at or the App Store.

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