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There are mistakes to avoid in your electrical system for safety purposes. It is, therefore, recommended you hire a reliable electrician Croydon for installation and repair services. Whether you want to add a light fixture or make changes in your electrical system, Lexity is the right company to hire. It has qualified and experienced electricians who will handle all tasks immediately. 

That said, let’s look at top electrical challenging things you must know: 

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs 

An electrician will tell you not to ignore any warning signs in your electrical system. It can be a simple sign such as a light switch running extremely hot, a beaker that doesn’t start, or a popping sound; it’s vital to take it seriously. The good thing is, most electrical issues are resolved quickly when you don’t allow them to fester. And that’s why electrical issue awareness will help prevent fires in your home. 

Understand GFCI

A common problem why homeowners keep calling Lexity is bathroom circuit failures. By code, you have to protect all outlets above 6-feet from the water source with a ground fault circuit interrupter. The GFCI will cut the power off when the circuit loses amperage. This is why you find GFCI common in exterior outlets or bathrooms. 

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A single GFCI device will protect everything on the circuit. Bathrooms are not isolated, and the GFCI will kill the power to the outlet – although lights may be unrelated. Sometimes, things will be more confusing when GFCI is installed in an electrical breaker. Nonetheless, the service call is common in outdoor circuits and homes with many bathrooms because they require troubleshooting.

Live Overhead Power Lines

Overhead lines will not be insulated in most cases. Birds and squirrels are usually on these lines but not electrocuted because they don’t complete the circuit. In other words, to complete a circuit, it is after touching the ground. 

Most outdoor power lines will have weather coating and no insulation. They only have spacers at utility poles. And because they are high above the ground, that isn’t a problem unless the lines fall. Or when you come across them while you’re trimming the tree. 

Those power lines touching the tree or rooftop are insulated. Still, insulation will degrade over time, crumbling and revealing the bare wire. So, when approaching overhead wires, remember they are dangerous. Any electrical problems should be left to Lexity electricians because they are licensed and experienced. 

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Understand Your DIY Limits 

Having a DIY mindset is a wonderful thing. It is also the best way to learn about electricity and electrical appliances at home. With time, you’ll develop skills and self-reliance. However, you should know the boundaries or limitations of your skills to stay safe. 

Suppose you are a newbie; you only work outside the wall on electrical components. As you continue to develop the skills of an electrician, you’ll do more advanced work, such as adding outlets and fishing cables in your local building department. The problem may arise when an enthusiast tackles an electrical project without experience. 

Black Isn’t Always Live & White Isn’t Always Neutral 

These are contradicting practices. But a home electrical system is large and complicated, such that dozens of electricians may have worked on it. However, not all are adequately trained or follow the code. When you open an electric outlet, you’re likely to find electrical tape, wire nuts, and a bewildering nest of wires. 

It doesn’t mean you can’t work on the problem, but you must be careful not to make assumptions. You need a non-contact voltage tester to differentiate between the live and the dead line. 

Low Voltage Isn’t Always no Danger

Electricians want you to have the basic precautions. Therefore, they will not tell you that a low-voltage system isn’t dangerous while working. You have to treat low-voltage wiring like the standard wiring. That allows you to pick the best practices that can pay off, similar to working with a high voltage situation. 

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Remember that it is not the voltage you should worry about because it is not harmful – you should fear the current. That’s because, sometimes, low voltage wiring will draw more than safe current. If you work with low voltage wiring, you will likely receive mild shocks. They make you fall from the step stool or ladder (check out for a fall protection here). You also have to keep in mind that securing connections is beneficial. 

In addition, a spark from a less secure low voltage connection can ignite combustion materials – similar to a spark from a 110v junction. 

Protective Gear is Protective When Properly Made

Rubber is an excellent insulator, and that’s why some DIY enthusiasts wrap themselves in gloves and boots before handling any electrical issue. Unfortunately, most rubber used isn’t pure. For manufacturers to offer the best prices, they will mix rubber in additives to increase durability. Therefore, if you rely on the rubber to stay safe from electrical charges, ensure it is the actual safety gear. 

On a film or TV show, you may see where electrical lines will fall on a car and passengers are safe. It is something accurate only because tires are not good conductors. 

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A Three-Slot Receptacle Needs a Ground Wire

With two-slot outlets, you may be tempted to replace them using three-slot outlets, thus plugging in three-prong plugs. However, you can’t do this unless there is ground available.You need a tester to determine whether the outlet is grounded. When you look at a series of lights, they will show whether the outlet has been wired correctly or a fault exists.  

The testers to use are readily available at hardware stores and home centers. If you have a Three-Slot outlet without a grounded box, you should fix the problem. The easiest thing to do is replace it with two-slot outlets. 


Many of the above tips are cautionary. However, they should not scare you away! You should learn how to deal with basic electrical repairs. Nonetheless, for major electrical repairs, hire a reliable electrician. Lexity is one of the companies providing you with transparent and high-quality electrical services. 

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