150M Weekend House: The World’s Longest Residence

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Measuring 150 meters (1,614 feet) in length,  this is said to be the world’s longest house. It is located on a hill in the Khao yai forest complex, Thailand, affording sweeping views of the surroundings. Tokyo-based Shinichi Ogawa Associates completed the project in 2012, and named it the 150M Weekend House.

There is a main house on the property and a separate guest house, with the first featuring six bedrooms and a huge living/dining area. The main house also includes a storage/staff room to the west, and a glazed fitness and spa room to the east. The rooms that are set linearly along construction are beautifully open towards the south deck terrace, taking full advantage of the panoramic views.

For extra entertainment there is a lovely rooftop fun and relaxation area, with a long swimming pool (131 feet) and sandy area, just “like a floating beach surrounded by mountains.” The pictures also show a cube with 19.6-foot tall ceilings holding the formal living/dining area. Our only question is: how long does it take for one person to go from one end of the house to the other?

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