5 AC System Options for Home Additions

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If you’re planning on adding onto your home for either more living space, a bedroom, or a sunroom, you’ll likely want to consider adding air conditioning to the space. With advancements in AC technology, air conditioners today are efficient, easy to install, and more friendly to the wallet than ever before. This means you have numerous options to choose from to keep the space cool. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best air conditioner options for home additions. We’ll also give you some tips on how to choose the ideal one for your needs.

Planning A Successful Home Addition

Building a home addition can be a daunting task, but with careful planning, it can be a smooth and enjoyable process. There are several things to factor into the planning process of building a home addition, including the purpose of the addition, the budget, the timeline, the construction process, and the impact on the existing home. It’s important to also keep a couple of rules of thumb in mind for the best overall outcome.

Look Beyond The Pretty Parts

It can be tempting to focus solely on the aesthetics of the home addition you’re planning on building. But keep in mind, the stuff that goes underneath the pretty surfaces counts just as much, if not more.

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Hidden yet critical items such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC all need to be planned carefully to ensure you’ll enjoy the addition for many years to come.

Consider Long-Term Costs

Home additions certainly aren’t cheap. These significant investments in your home can deliver great ROI, which often directs the focus of homeowners at cost-cutting. While it’s wise to make a budget for the project and stick to it, don’t forget to think about the long-term consequences of those decisions.

Sometimes the cheaper option up front is less energy-efficient, costing you more over the years to own. There’s also durability and reliability to consider, especially when it comes to equipment like air conditioners.

Air Conditioning Options for Home Additions

You’re probably wondering how you’re going to keep your new space cool once it’s finished. After all, no one wants to use a sunroom or bedroom if it’s too hot! Fortunately, there are a number of air conditioning options that can keep your home addition comfortable year round. Wall AC Units to window units, let’s cover five of the best air conditioner options for home additions.

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Best Option When You’re On A Budget – Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are an ideal option for cooling a home addition that you don’t plan on using as often. That’s because these systems are relatively inexpensive to purchase and operate, allowing you to simply plug them in and turn them on when you need it without spending money on cooling the rest of the home. Most portable air conditioners also have a built-in dehumidifier, which can work wonders for keeping the air in your newly added space more comfortable.

Best Option For Single Room Additions – Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are a great option for cooling a home addition that’s only one smaller room, such as a bedroom or sunroom. These systems are easy to install for the average homeowner and can deliver consistent cooling without needing much maintenance. One downside to this option is that it’s best to take these units out if you live somewhere with harsh winters. Window units are also generally less energy efficient than alternative cooling sources like central air.

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Best Option For Basement Additions – Mini Split Air Conditioners

Mini split air conditioners are a good choice for cooling medium to larger home additions like a basement. These systems are far more expensive than portable or window air conditioners, but that’s because they’re far more powerful, enabling them to efficiently cool large spaces. You’ll need a professional to install these, but you’ll get cooling power that can handle the demands of large gatherings of friends or family in the space.


Best Option For Multi-Room Additions – Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners are the most expensive option, but they’re also the most powerful. When you have multiple rooms in your addition plans, often central air is the most effective option. These systems can also be the most efficient if you’re combining them with geothermal configurations. Of course, professional installation is a must, adding to the overall cost of these air conditioners. However, you’ll also have a system that can last 10-15 years before needing replacement.

Best Option For Lofts Above Your Garage – PTAC Units

If you’re creating a loft above your garage in your home addition, Wall air conditioners are a solid option for cooling these small to medium sized spaces. A PTAC, short for packaged terminal air conditioner, is less expensive than central or mini-split systems, but they’re still quite powerful for how simple they are to install. An added benefit of PTAC units is that many can provide heating as well, making them ideal for year-round use in places where a central air system doesn’t make sense.

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