5 Things Exterminators Check During Termite Inspections

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Termites can destroy your house. But, perhaps the scariest part of this is it’s often not obvious until the worst of the damage has already been caused. If you look up how long termites will take to destroy your home then you’ll probably find it’s approximately 15 years.

That seems to be long enough that you don’t need to panic about the issue. Unfortunately, it can take years before the damage is evident, at this point you’ll be facing a bill of thousands for the repairs or may even have to tear down your home!

That’s why you need a local pest control service that will undertake a termite inspection every year and check the following 5 things:

termite exterminator
termite exterminator


Wood Damage


The most obvious thing that a termite inspector will check is the condition of the wood in your home. This is not the wood that you can see. They will inspect the wood behind your dry lining and the wood under your property.

Termite inspectors use specialist tools to locate the termites even when they are inside your wood and not yet visible.  This can help them to identify and eradicate a threat before it becomes an issue.

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Wood Around Your Property


A termite inspector will also look at the wood located near your property. Any wood stack is a potential nest for termites; if you have any sign of termites in wood stacked around your home then there is a good chance that they will make their way towards your home; if they haven’t already.

Eliminating them before this becomes an issue is a good idea.




An inspection should also highlight potential access points. Mud against the side of your house allows termites to bury down and into your home; this will be visible by small tubes in the soil. If you cover one it will reopen or a new one will open next to it.

If you have these then you already have termites. If not, it is a potential access point and your inspection can make you aware of all the potential points and how to deal with them. Preventing the termites from getting into your home is preferable to dealing with them eating your wood.

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The inspection should also assess the damp level in your wood and your walls. Just like most creatures, termites need moisture in order to survive, the more damp you have present the greater the risk of a termite issue.

Damp can also affect human health, it’s good to know about it and deal with it.

Termite exterminators
Termite exterminators


Issues Within The Area


A good inspection company will already know about any issues in the area with termites, but if they don’t they should check. This will make it more likely that you’ll have an issue. This will ensure they are extra vigilant when inspecting your property and prevent termites from becoming an issue.

You should find out more about your local contractors and get an inspection booked today!

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