A Fantastic Multi-Level Apartment by Peter Kostelov

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This Multi-Level Apartment was designed by Peter Kostelov, it can be found in Moscow, Russia, and it was originally composed of two levels measuring a total of 258 square meters (2,777 sq. ft.), 69 (743) for the first level and 189 (2,034) for the second. Considering the fact that the second level featured ceiling heights varying from 3 to 8 meters (10 to 26 ft.), a third and a fourth level could easily be added, taking full advantage of the extra vertical space.

The apartment was divided according to the owner’s specifications so that all family members could benefit from their own private space. Decorations include warm, welcoming colors and contrast beautifully with the custom-made furnishings and the upholstery.

The living room is on the lower part of the second level, and the upper part was chosen to incorporate a bathroom, a study room and a bedroom. A glass dome separates the study from the bedroom, providing plenty of natural light. The children’s rooms, the nursery room and the library each received extra floor space, and by the end, the original duplex was transformed into a four-level apartment boasting 348 square meters (3,745 sq. ft.)of living space, which is 90 square meters (969 sq. ft.) more that the original.

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