Alexandra Fedorova Designed This Stunning Suburbs Home

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Just a quick look at this amazing, modern home is enough to realize that it was designed by an expert. Alexandra Fedorova did an extraordinary job in envisioning this stunning suburbs residence, which looks like it could definitely support a lavish and comfortable lifestyle for its lucky owners. The abode was furnished tastefully and features a color palette based on natural tones of brown and from the wood wall paneling and neutral tones of gray and white from the sofas, kitchen counters, cabinetry and tables.

Amenities include flat-screen TVs, impressive, artful lighting arrangements, a staircase that seems to be suspended mid air by a set of strings hanging from the ceiling and contemporary art pieces that give off a sense of joy and wellness. The main bedroom features a large bed as well as an en-suite bathroom, while the second one flaunts a round bed and pure white curtains. The third bedroom sports a youthful allure with a “Viva la Vida” mural painting above the bed and a vintage-looking “Rock & Roll” light sign placed on the adjacent wall.

Clearly, this suburb home was desiged and decorated with utmost attention to detail so that it may meet and surpass even the most demanding standards of comfort and opulence.

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