All White Interior Design Mixed With Feng Shui


White is considered to be the symbol of completion, of supreme wisdom and the assimilation of all lessons that life has to offer.
The purity and the innocence emanated by immaculate white are downright fascinating when it comes to feng shui.
White belongs to metal feng shui element and can be used in any room of your home. You can create a contrast with strong colors in order to provide more light and freshness.
Feng Shui specialists recommend using white in feng shui areas where metal is the dominant element, such as the West or the Northwest point of the house. The energies that are emanated act on the subconscious, offering great opportunities for continuous expansion and a bright future.
Some opt for a room to be white because it denotes purity and innocence, because it is very chic and easy to accessorize or simply because a white decor makes them think about a wintery white decor.

White decor
Whatever your motivation, white is suitable for any time of the year, in combination with any style of interior design, from classic, Victorian or elegant, to minimalist or eclectic.
You will never get bored of white! It is in our nature to want to make small changes, from time to time, but this thing can prove to be quite expensive when the decoration process starts with the flooring, carpentry and ends with the color of the walls. Starting with a white background, you will find a lot easier to refresh your home depending on your state of mind or on the season: pillows, candles, curtains, shades of blue, winter red, golden autumn.
White can be warm and inviting, therefore it’s a false impression the fact that a white room gives you the sensation of cold. The secret lies in accessories and materials that you use. Either modern or classic natural wood furniture will soften the aspect of a room. You can add curtains or cushions that contain a soft material, pleasant to touch.

So easy to use decorate with white…
White is easy to maintain. You just have to use covers and curtains that have a stain resistant material and that can be machine-washed. If you have small children, you can use a curtain that has the bottom edge in a darker nuance.
White can perfectly link one room to another. There is nothing more unpleasant than an abrupt transition from a decorative style to another.

White hides visual imperfections and is always on trend
White hides details that can be disturbing. When it’s all white, pipes and cables will be lost in the decor and they will be much harder to spot. Also, old furniture painted in white will gain a modern touch.
Bring out the great items! Furniture, flowers and decorative objects seem like precious sculptures on a white background. And if outside the window you are blessed with a great view, then the natural painting will surely stand out.
White is always on trend. White walls in combination with electric blue curtains and joinery in chocolate colors, white furniture and rock decorations or Aztec prints.

All white
There’s nothing wrong with using only pure white. The whiter the rooms is, the more complex can be, by using layers and different textures. The idea according to which a white room has no color is wrong, because the shadows become colors depending on the projected light.
In a living room, the white will offer the sensation of energy, in a kitchen will create the impression of freshness and in the bedroom will offer the sensation of purity, peace and relaxation.
Anyway, as limited as it may seem at first impression, a white based room will offer infinite decorating options.
Thinking about redecorating your home? Here are some great ideas that will help you use white. Plus, the following tips will help you discover feng shui energies.

White for your living room
There is a wide variety of colors that can be used in a living room. A white full of warmth is ideal because it allows the focus to be placed around people and the freshness of the feelings. The best decorative items that go perfectly with the shades of white and create a feng shui room are the wooden ones, the transparent glass, the white candles, and, of course, a touch of black. You can also place some green plants on a large wooden table.
Arrange a few paintings with black frame on the wall or a wooden statue on a cream or white floor. Instead of letting yourself intimidated by white, look at it as a beginning of letting creativity be part of your home.

White for your kitchen
White has like a magical power of making things seem new. Everything looks fresh when it’s white and all is full of immortal possibilities. The kitchen is the place where we cook our meals, that’s why the powerful energies have a decisive role.
The feng shui tradition says that the kitchen is connected with the energy of its abundance and, of course, with the core of the house. If you want to have a kitchen decorated with white, don’t avoid using colorful elements, especially those that are made out of wood.
For a warmth effect, combine different white tones, from dusty white to pure white. White and black tiles can perfectly be combined inside a kitchen. If you want a white furniture, you can buy a wooden countertop or a black stove.

White for your bedroom
There is a subtle line between a white bedroom that is boring and cold and another one that is simply “delicious” and sensual. For a feng shui bedroom, you must combine different nuances of white and certain textures, such as carpets, linens and other decorative elements.
Your bedroom must have a focus point that means harmony, like the edge of the solid wood and a fire element (red). Buy white linens with red inserts, pillows and bed covers.

White for your bathroom
Start by choosing a color scheme in white and honey and make sure the products in your bathroom are in the same nuance.
Place a wooden tray with scented candles of a white metal table to offer warmth and purifying energy. On the table you must place white candles or bath oils. The installations must be from shiny stainless steel. In this way you will be able to enjoy a true spa in your private bathroom.

Remember the flowers
The easiest way to bring the purity of white in your home is with the help of flowers. White flowers in ceramic pots. Orchids are the perfect flowers for than, but there is no limit when it comes to the variety of white flowers. Who could resists a delicate and sweet fragrance emanated by the fresh feng shui flowers?
A clean space, decorated in pure white – be it a meditation room, the bathroom or any other room in your home – acts as a drug on the psyche and emanates the feng shui healing vibrations, spreading them throughout the house.

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