Breathtaking Golden Age Residence In Beverly Hills, California

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Boasting a remarkable heritage that dates back to 1973, this extraordinary residence in Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills, California was initially sketched out by Amir Farr and flaunts no less than 8,032 square feet of living space.  However, the home received an extensive makeover at the hands of Maxime Jacquet in 2012, and it now represents a pinnacle of architectural perfection and luxury.

With picture-perfect panoramas of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean, this is a fantastic place to call home and it never fails to amaze. The primary materials that were used in the renovation process involve stone, wood and glass, and they can be found abundantly throughout the main living areas.

Since it features exceptionally tall walls and ceilings, this abode is perfect for displaying generously sized artwork. Furthermore, the furnishings and décor elements were placed conveniently in order to respect the architecture of this exquisite abode and in order to preserve its heritage.

Highlights include fireplaces, generous windows, large beds, flat-screen TVs and contemporary art pieces. Have a look at the following images and see it all for yourself!

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