Breathtaking Home In Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


This impressive, contemporary residence was completed in 2008, and it was designed by a team of architects from SPBR Arquitetos. Occupying 5,181 square feet, the abode can be found in a neighborhood called Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it flaunts mesmerizing views of this great city and of the picturesque Guanabara Bay.

The residence was built on 2 levels, one of which sits at an elevation of 328 feet above sea level while the other is a bit higher at 410 feet. The lower level includes a continuous block that opens up towards the office and bedrooms, while the glass façade is linked to a tranquil garden that was built at the eastern side of the house. Since the living room was placed at the higher level, it boasts magnificent views of Pão de Açucar and Guanabara Bay, which makes it a perfect area for socialization and relaxation. The kitchen was placed at an intermediary level between the bedroom and the living room, and it was equipped with all the necessary appliances and amenities.

Outside, this wonderful home in Santa Teresa flaunts beautiful palm trees and other forms of natural vegetation that dot its spacious courtyards. The infinity swimming pool also deserves a mention, especially since it allows the owners to savor breathtaking views of Rio de Janeiro during a relaxing swimming session.

Photos by Nelson Kon

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