Nikki Beach In Marbella, Spain Was Renovated Extensively

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Widely known as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Marbella, Spain, the luxurious Nikki Beach club was renovated extensively and received a brand new fine dining menu that aims to satisfy the most pretentious taste buds.

Nikki Beach venues can be found all over the world, and so this new menu was inspired by the different locations that play host to this exclusive and popular establishment. From Thursday to Saturday, the club’s professional staff members organize special themed events such as the “seafood sunset BBQ”, “live jazz and Champagne “or “Saturday soirees”. As you probably suspect, the dishes themselves are prepared using high-end ingredients such as Asian twist tuna or Peruvian sea bass ceviche, but mouth-watering black truffle chicken is also a part of the menu.

The restaurant offers exquisite views of the sea and of the nearby beaches, while the music is always tasteful an enjoyable each and every night. Apart from the restaurant, Nikki Beach Marbella also flaunts a new pool that tempts with endless moments of relaxation and entertainment. Did you pack your bags yet?

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