Cozy And Comfortable Little House In Arras, France

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Built in a privileged location in Arras, France, the Little House was designed by a group called TANK and offers 1,184 square feet of living space. The residence was completed in 2008, and as its name suggests, it is quite small but very comfortable nonetheless. The owners of the abode wanted a modern home that featured impressive architecture as well as numerous outdoor spaces that would satisfy their relaxation and entertainment needs.

The terraces and balconies play a key role in this, as they enable a quick and easy transition between the indoors and outdoors on a moment’s notice. The edge of the residence also features a superb terrace built on stilts, which benefits from remarkable views of the garden.

The materials used in the construction process involved wood, concrete and a plethora of glass that ensures seamless flows of natural light as well as impressive views of the surrounding environment. The interiors were designed with minimalism and elegance in mind, which is why they feature crisp white walls complemented by furnishings and finishes in earthly tones of beige, brown and gray.

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