Customized Loft inspired by Dr. Seuss

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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What you’re about to see is a true work of art designed by Alice Starek, handcrafted by Rocky Mountain Architectural Artisans Guild and inspired by Gaudi and Dr. Seuss. A professional team worked to create a genuine and classy home and they succeeded.

It was built in 1911 and it still preserves some of the old-times influences. It is located in Colorado, United States and everything you can see here has been custom designed, from the furniture to the smallest decorative detail.

If you’re a fun person then you’ll definitely enjoy living in a house like this one because it was specially designed for entertaining, and all your friends will enjoy it very much when they’ll come to visit you.

With $1.390.000you can buy a full package of good mood because this special home is now on sale!

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