Daily habits to ensure your house remains clean and fresh

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The secret to maintaining high levels of cleanliness and ensuring clutter does not pile up, is doing simple cleaning tasks daily.

If you are tired of spending the whole weekend cleaning the house, below are a few 2-minute tasks to ensure your house remains tidy all day every day. If you are busy and find yourself having early mornings and late nights at work, seek professional cleaning services from Homefresh.

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Let’s delve into the specifics to ensure your house remains clean and fresh:


Spread the bed


No matter how neat the clothes are folded, an untidy bed makes the room look messy and unorganized. 

Making the bed is the first thing to do the moment you step out of the bed. If you are not fond of tucking sheets, switch to using duvets with removable covers. With a duvet, all you have to do is pull it up and your bed becomes tidy in an instant.

Empty the dishwasher each morning

Emptying the dishwasher ensures the house remains clean and smells fresh every day. Dirty dishes are not a pleasing sight and them sitting on the sink and kitchen counter only brings in bugs and unwanted pests.

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Emptying the dishwasher only takes approximately 5 – 10 minutes. You can do this as you wait for the coffee to brew or as you wait for the children to prepare themselves for school.

Put away everything after use

One of the easiest ways to ensure your house remains tidy is cultivating a habit of putting away everything after use. Whether they are utensils, clothes, shoes, combs, or makeup kits, go out of your way to ensure they go into their rightful place after you are done with them.

Also, as you move from one room to the other, pick up misplaced items. Leave them there until the next day and soon the small piles will turn into huge messes.




This is not a daily cleaning task but making a habit of regularly decluttering goes a long way. Decluttering creates space, organizes the house and significantly cuts down the amount of time needed for cleaning. 

When you have fewer things on the kitchen counter, you have an easy time dusting and cleaning.

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Clean up as you cook


One of the easiest ways to maintain instant cleanliness in the kitchen is cleaning up as you cook. Instead of sitting down on the couch scrolling your phone as you wait for the soup to simmer, try doing the dirty dishes on the sink. If you do this every time you are in the kitchen preparing a meal, there will rarely be loads of dishes piled up in the sink.

Also, make sure you spare 15 minutes after meals to clean up. Wash the dirty utensils and wipe the kitchen countertops. Doing this, especially after dinner, minimizes the likelihood of having a pest problem.


Do some laundry every day


To minimize laundry piling up to unimaginable heights, do a load of laundry every day. You can pop in laundry into the washing machine first thing when you wake up and let it run as you do other chores.

If possible, pop laundry into the machine and set it to start a few minutes before you get home from work.

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