All the Parties to Inform in Case of a Change of Address

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Change of address for your business is one of the most critical phases of moving. Failure to update your address to match the new location comes with several repercussions like missing urgent deliveries and other information. Once you have changed the address, there are some essential entities that you must update or inform of the new developments.



Some of the top entities to inform about the change in address include;

Government Organizations

The government organizations are the first entity to tell about your intention to change the address as they are the processing authority. Contact the United States Postal Services not less than two weeks before your moving date. The period allows the agency to process the changes in good time. 

Also, inform both the federal and state tax agencies when moving. It allows for updating your tax requirements, depending on the new location.  

Financial Institutions

Changing your address does not mean that you are free from the current financial responsibility. Inform your bank such that they send you the financial statements to your new address. 

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Remember also to inform all the loan issuers and credit card companies. 

The financial institutions having your updated information improves your credit score and authenticity.

Insurance Companies

The main reason for taking an insurance cover is to protect you against risks. You don’t have to stay susceptible to losses due to a change in address. Communicate with the insurance company to confirm that they cover your new business location. 

Various locations command different premiums depending on the community, cost of living, among other factors.

change of address


Before you move to a new business location, confirm the party who sorts all the principal utilities like water, electricity, internet, and phone costs. Afterward, decide whether to continue with the current service provider or change depending on your location. Inform your service provider promptly of the intention to move to help you avoid double billing. 

Subscription Services

The growth in e-commerce has seen the need for correct addresses like never before. Once you have made your online orders, the items should reach your right address. The same applies to online and magazine subscriptions, which delivers to your doorstep.

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Your business is only as viable as the connections and partnerships you make along the way. Inform all the partners and services of your intention to move. Some of the critical people to inform are your friends and family, clients, and business relationships. Telling the right people will also allow you to get suggestions on some of the best commercial moving company in Florida for the peace of mind. 

Bottom Line

Failure to update your address is one of the top money wastage mistakes. You are likely to lose money on wrongly charged utilities and the possibility of paying subscription services that will never reach you. Even though these entities look massive, most are quite easy to apply. 

Most of the service providers are embracing the online application options for changes. The online changes are instant and time and money-saving.

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