Distinctive Housing Building With 7 units by Metaform Architecture

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Anne Francis
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Sometimes it’s weird enough to wear some clothes that draw attention on the street. It’s odder to design a house that doesn’t follow the traditional lines in a classic neighborhood with classic houses built by the same pattern. The Housing Building with 7 units is a small apartment building in Luxembourg designed by Metaform Architecture.  The idea of this concept was to insert a residential building with 7 living units in its direct surroundings. Its monolithic aspect is because of the use of the fiber-cement panels. The whole indoor space is much lit due to the individually conceived windows.

This project stands out because of a genuine idea that avoided the duplication of identical homes.

Every person is unique but not everyone knows how to step out from the crown. In the same way, a house may be singular but it has to have that special something.

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