Elegant Apartment in Norrmalm


From our point of view all you need to know about the following apartment is that is on sale for $3,895,000. It’s an eclectic duplex apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden district of Norrmalm which gathers stylish and fashionable textures and patterns.

It is located on two floors of a building in the middle of Stockholm and is at the tip of architectural design.

This modern and tranquil place was designed and renovated by architects Björnand Marianne Aaro for FilippaKnutsson.

The spacious public areas accommodate a large dining area and a seating group facing a fireplace. The attic feel in the upper floor was conserved to accommodate a central family room with a large table and an inviting angle to the sofa group.

Craftsmanship and ethnic features found their home in a glamorous building on Wallingatan.

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