Exceptional R+O House In Italy By Bianco + Gotti Architetti

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Built on a large lot measuring 17,200 square feet of space, the R+O House is located in close proximity to Bergamo, Italy, and it was designed by Bianco + Gotti Architetti. The residence was completed in 2005, and it boasts a modern, elegant appearance that contrasts nicely with the natural greenery found on the site. Inside, the owner is able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle thanks to spacious living areas that were outfitted with high quality furnishings and high-end amenities.

The designers preferred to give the abode a crisp white look both on the inside and on the outside. However, the interior arrangements also include dark gray tones as well as natural wood elements that add a touch of warmth to a predominantly cold environment. The exterior courtyard encircles a solitary willow tree and flaunts a swimming pool that is flanked by a wooden deck.

Modern, spacious, minimalistic yet welcoming, the R+O House is a wonderful retreat that offers tranquility and wellness far away from the noisy and polluted environment of the large city.

Photos by Luca Santiago Mora

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