Cloud-Inspired Lamp By Erwin Zwiers And Margje Teeuwen

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Did you ever own a lamp that you just wanted to hug every day? Not likely. However, thanks to Erwin Zwiers and Margje Teeuwen, you can now show your affection towards your favorite lighting system effortlessly and give it a brand new look in the process. The Proplamp is a wonderful, innovative product that was made using a biodegradable non-woven material that can be molded into shape according to your own preference.

Margje Teeuwen has been very interested in the random shapes created by crumbling paper ever since the dawn of her career, and after she swapped ideas with Erwin Zwiers, she realized that she could create something truly breathtaking. By joining forces, the two managed to shape an original and incredible product that has the potential to beautify any room. The Proplamp is molded by its makers initially, but since it can be transformed endlessly by its owner, it always manages to reinvent itself. Pretty impressive, right?

Photos by Sam in Stijl

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