O House Is a Modern Country House In Nghe An, Vietnam

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The welcoming O House was created by a company called Wangstudio, and it can be found in Đô Lương, Nghe An, Vietnam. Designed by Le Vu Wang, the residence features 2,152 square feet of space and was built in 2013 with comfort and tranquility in mind for a retired couple. With well-lit living areas and a gorgeous garden at the back, the abode stands ready to offer great moments of relaxation for its lucky owners, but its design isn’t a rustic one, if that’s what you were expecting.

The O House is modern, spacious, tastefully furnished and subtly decorated. Its living room and dining room are flooded with natural light throughout the day thanks to a series of large windows and a chink system implemented into the roof. The garden that we mentioned before adds a touch of naturalness, but it wasn’t implemented for aesthetic purposes alone because its fresh vegetables can always be used to create a delicious meal.

The primary bedroom impresses with great views of the surroundings, and it flaunts access to a balcony that has a natural “green fence”. The fence also features a few vegetables of its own, and it was implemented in order to provide shade and to prevent excess dust.

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