Extremely Fabulous Harold Hay by Whipple Russell Architects

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Harold Way residence is a bachelor home that owns the wow effect, and we’re not even exaggerating. This stunning dwelling located in Hollywood was designed by Whipple Russell Architects who turned an ordinary house into a fabulous nest.

The walls are practically inexistent because, as you can clearly see, there’s glass all around. The effect is even crazier because aside from the fact that you can see the entire city, at night, the interior looks very glamorous.

Get ready to be really impressed, because as you step into the living area you’ll see an all white open fireplace while the dining area will expose a modern dining table.

The master suite along with the theater are found downstairs, the entire house being perfected by symmetry, unifying materials and all the comfort a bachelor needs. But how do you feel about parking your car, inside, next to the living room?


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