Fabulous Private Home In Black Forest, Colorado, USA

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This spacious 7,246 square foot house was built on a 10-acre lot in Black Forest, Colorado, USA following a design by Walter S. White. It flaunts 7,246 square feet of space and can only be accessed via a private security gate found on a high quality driveway. Due to the fact that it is far away from the big city, this is a perfect holiday home for someone who enjoys spending some time outdoors, in the middle of nature without any distractions.

Most of the property is encircled by wired fencing in order to prevent unwanted visitors, and we’re not just talking about people here. The grounds are bustling with wildlife, including wild turkeys and even moose. Private living areas consist of 4 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms and one half bathroom. Interior finishes comprise high quality stone and hardwood.
The $1,9 million asking price also includes a regulation tennis court and a ½-basketball court, a safe room and a separate summerhouse.

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