Functional Cornlofts Triplex Reconstruction by B2 Architecture

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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B2 Architecture created the contemporary interior of the Cornlofts Triplex in 2013 that can be found in the Karlin section of Prague, Czech Republic. The idea of the Cornlofts Triplex Reconstruction was to preserve some of the building’s original elements in the same time creating a cozy and modern livable space.

The lowest level features the entrance space, a music studio, the nursery and guestroom with bathroom and the utility area.

The second level accommodates and open office with roof window and a living and entertaining space connected to the glass floor place belonging to the third level.

Vintage/modern custom-made furniture fills all the spaces in the house along with the music related elements referring to the owner’s profession.

The third level includes the private area consisting of the master bedroom with bath and two dressing rooms.

Photos by Michal Šeba and Eduard Hueber

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