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This modern residence in Goes, The Netherlands was designed by Grassodenridder_architecten and features a rustic-looking exterior design as well as a modern interior. Completed in 2014, the house is flanked by nature and blends in nicely with its surroundings. On the inside, it offers irreproachable living conditions thanks to a generous selection of high-end amenities.

The living room boasts a fireplace and is connected to an outdoor patio thanks to sliding glass walls, which fade the limits between the indoors and outdoors while allowing natural light to enter the abode freely. Crisp white walls and modern facilities contrast with a few rustic furnishings that add a touch of warmth and coziness. The bathroom adjacent to the main bedroom features a comfortable hot tub as well as a large rectangular mirror that is continued a rectangular-shaped window.

From the architect:

The design for this large family house refers to the Dutch typology of the ‘long-house’. Although this typology has been present in the landscape of Zeeland for centuries, the character of this house near Goes is far from traditional.
The specific way in which the materials are applied, and have been combined, provide this house with a contemporary appearance.

Reed is not only used to cover the roofs but also to cover some of the facades. This reed, that so easily changes from a growing plant into a building material, makes the smooth volumes blend into its natural environment.

The long facades on the side of the street are mainly closed to create private space on the inside of the house and also in the garden behind the house. This garden becomes a part of the interior space as the facades on the side of the garden consist of large frameless glass planes of which many can be opened.

Location: Goes, Netherlands
Design Team: Stefan Grasso, Ferry den Ridder
Interior Design: grassodenridder_architecten
Year: 2014

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