How to Choose the Perfect Fireplace

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In winter, the fireplace is a heat source and an ideal design element for creating a cozy atmosphere for the holidays. Warm, luminous and relaxing, the fireplace plays an important role in the design of a home during the cold season.

Currently, the fantasy of having a fireplace in your own living room is not just something you see in movies. The prices are affordable and the diverse methods can satisfy even the most particular tastes.

Here are 9 fireplaces that would look great in your home!

1.       Brick fireplace

The brick fireplace is a classic model, built piece by piece. It has a natural aspect, suitable for a traditional design.

2.        Prefabricated fireplace

A type of modern fireplace is made of prefabricated materials. It can be a metallic fireplace, built directly into the wall. The facade looks stylish, modern and can be chosen according to the desired color, so the fireplace will fit harmoniously into the design of the room.

3.       Rustic fireplace

For a vacation home, the most appropriate choice is the rustic fireplace. Especially in chalets and in mountain holiday homes, such a fireplace is based on natural materials such as stone and wood.

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For a more savage aspect, the fireplace can be decorated with hunting trophies or natural decorations, such as pine cones, twigs, leaves, cob, etc.

4.       Minimalist fireplace

The minimalist fireplace has a clear geometry, with precise and clean lines. Such a fireplace is built into the wall and is made of modern materials, which are based on the latest technology.

The minimalist fireplace can work on wood or gas.

5.       Vintage fireplace

A vintage decor needs a vintage fireplace. It can be obtained from an old stove with secured glass door. Such a fireplace hides modern technology dressed in an old facade, reminiscent of grandma’s stove.

6.       Futuristic fireplace

A futuristic setting requires a unique fireplace with a surprising form and made of innovative materials.

The futuristic fireplace has both the aesthetic and functional roles. The cutting edge materials amaze the viewer by their color and line. Such a fireplace is centrally located, not on a wall of the room as the traditional fireplaces.

7.       Marble fireplace

In an elegant home with old furniture, an adequate piece is the fireplace with the marble or granite facade. To save money, there are materials that imitate very well the granite or the marble. The marble fireplace can be decorated with sumptuous mirrors and silver candlesticks.

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8.       Oven fireplace

A variant of the traditional fireplace is the oven shaped one. Deep, with a vault, this fireplace is reminiscent of the traditional bread ovens found in the country.

Flames can be seen directly, without a glass wall, the fire being far enough from the exit so it not poses a danger.

9.       Wood and metal fireplace

A classical structure is the one of the wood and metal fireplace. The metallic side has the role of protecting the home, creating a barrier between the flames and the rest of the room.

The wooden facade has a traditional and rustic aspect and can be built so it performs the role of furniture with storage spaces.


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