How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Coffee tables are important pieces in your living room. So, after you’ve chosen the furniture and the living room couch, it’s time for you to think at a coffee table.

If you’ve decorated your living room in the classic style, then you can opt for a solid wood table, in wenge colors, cherry or black. For a modern style, choose a glass table, a metal table or one that successfully combines these two materials.

If you want to maintain a rustic line, then the perfect coffee table for you is the one made from laminated chipboard or antiqued wood.

After choosing the material, all you have left is the design of this important furniture piece, because no matter the material from which the table is made of, a particular model can be very luxurious or very trivial.

The telescopic tray tables (which can be stored one under the other) are ideal for a minimalist style, but if you want to highlight a more sophisticated decor, you should buy a solid wood table, adorned with fine carvings or mosaic and wood. The pleasure for contemplation or for uniqueness can be satisfied by buying a table with aquarium.

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In terms of these aspects of design, a suitable table must be chosen at a height similar to the sofa so all the things will be at hand. It is also helpful if the coffee table includes two levels or drawers so you avoid crowding the top. The size and the shape of the table remain to your choice, according to what suits and fits in that room. All you have to remember is that the table must not be in your way and must not occupy too much space.

An equally important aspect is the color. It is recommended a nuance that is in tune with the rest of the decor or in contrast to it, in order to transform the table into a central element.

If you won’t buy a coffee table for your living room, you will make a mistake because you will immediately notice the importance that this fine piece of furniture has and why all the aspects regarding it are so important.


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