How to Decorate Your House in Parisian Style

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Dreaming of a house like one in a suburb of Paris, built in the style of the 30s and designed with comfort and style? Then choose white living room walls, huge glass doors and furniture in shades of white, mahogany and beige. You also have to add the wooden floors and a wool carpet.

For a tranquil atmosphere, choose an Asian décor to invoke the Zen spirit.  Choose pastel shades and soft and fluffy fabrics. The light must not be very powerful, so you’d better buy some reading lamps.

Another secret of a cozy décor is the presence, as much as possible, of the natural materials. It is also important not to choose plastic decorations instead of wood or stone.

For a few extra square feet, make an extension of the living room towards the terrace. The idea is to use decorative objects and furniture that look alike, while the glass doors will give the impression of a longer living room.


If you like the vintage style, then learn to harmoniously combine old furniture with new elements. To “soften” the too imposing furniture, make a small combination of furniture near the wall.

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Undoubtedly, the mix of glass, metal and wood is an extremely chic combination. Mixing the styles is a complicated art, that’s why you must be careful not to slip into the kitsch area.

An important aspect is to play with the shades of black and white when mixing various styles of furniture.

In the kitchen, if you choose light colored furniture, your home appliances must necessarily have the color of the fridge, the oven and the hood must have a chromate color.

The bedroom is the one you need to give great attention because it has to be a good environment for rest. Therefore try not to overcrowd it and to choose pleasant and soothing colors.

According to the designers, in every house should be a mirror. It gives a greater impression of space and offers an opening to another world.

The bathroom should be very light and well ventilated because it retains moisture. The idea of having windows in the ceiling meets both conditions. A countertop around the sink that mimics the stone is extremely suitable and makes you remember holidays.

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When it comes to your children, the greater care must be with the colors that you choose. For a boy’s room always choose blue or green, but a little bit more pale, and in combination with other neutral colors such as beige and shades of latte.

The needs and desires of the young children are rapidly changing. To avoid changing the décor every six months, choose furniture that can be expanded or painted in other colors.


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